1st Jan – Euro GB flags not allowed

After consulation with DVLA recently S-P-M can confirm that from 1st January 2021 the GB flag incorporating the ring of EU stars will no longer be allowed to be displayed.

You will not need to replace GB plates fitted prior to this date but any plate made after the end of this year will need to be a different type of GB emblem. Please see below the permissible new GB / Union Jack version.

This new design is available now from S-P-M. Please contact sales on 0113 833 0407 for more information.

New Green Flash EV plates now available

Now available at S-P-M

There has been a significant increase in chatter online regarding the arrival of number plates which are now legally allowed to incorporate a ‘green flash’. Following our consultation with DVLA, S-P-M number plates can confirm that on the 8th of December this year, if you are the proud owner of a 100% electric vehicle (EV) you are allowed to now fit and display these new style plates.

The green flash display for EV number plates was announced in June by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps in order to increase the profile of green non-polluting vehicles. The government is proposing various incentive schemes to encourage the take up of these EV cars and a green marker on a number plate will help with raising the profile of battery powered vehicles.

The plates will make it easier to identify electric cars, enabling local authorities to design and implement new policies that will encourage more people into them, such as cheaper parking and free entry into clean air areas / districts.

Any S-P-M account requiring these plates are able to order them simply by contacting ourselves. They can be supplied as illustrated and we can even incorporate them into your current pre-printed dealership plate designs too.

Please contact sales on 0113 833 0407 for more information.

UK’s Proposed Green Number Plates

Green number plates for ultra-low emission vehicles

The UK Government has announced that plates with a green flash, for electric zero CO2 emission vehicles, will be implemented soon, maybe as quickly as Autumn 2020.

Green plates are expected to have a green flash to the left hand side of the plate (as illustrated above).

Its aim is to provide a UK-wide mechanism which will enable people to spot and differentiate vehicles based on their environmental impact, help inform road-users and normalise the idea of clean vehicles on our roads. This plays an important part in encouraging road users to shift to cleaner vehicles. 

  • help local authorities visually identify ZEVs for the purposes of locally led policies and incentives, and local communication and awareness campaigns.

  • green number plates will only be available to vehicles with zero tailpipe emissions.

  • These will be non-mandatory; opt-out; available to new and existing qualifying vehicles. This includes eligible cars, vans, taxis, motorbikes, as well as buses, coaches, HGVs.

for the full details please refer to the Governments website below



Support throughout the Covid-19 period

Support throughout the Covid-19 period

We would like to reassure all our customers that they can depend on our support for during what will be a difficult trading period.

Should any S-P-M account / customer require technical support please do call our support line on 0113 833 0407 Monday to Friday.

Unlike other number plate suppliers, we manufacture 90% of the product you receive in house and our purchasing policy requires us to procure raw materials 12 – 18 months in advance.

S-P-M Groupe are the largest and most stable number plate manufacturer in Europe.

Throughout our group we are running skeleton teams in order to keep the machines running smoothly, whilst at the same time employing strict hygiene protocols for all our operators.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support, and hope you, your colleagues and your loved ones stay safe and healthy.

Kindest regards

Your S-P-M Team