UK’s Proposed Green Number Plates

Green number plates for ultra-low emission vehicles

The UK Government has announced that plates with a green flash, for electric zero CO2 emission vehicles, will be implemented soon, maybe as quickly as Autumn 2020.

Green plates are expected to have a green flash to the left hand side of the plate (as illustrated above).

Its aim is to provide a UK-wide mechanism which will enable people to spot and differentiate vehicles based on their environmental impact, help inform road-users and normalise the idea of clean vehicles on our roads. This plays an important part in encouraging road users to shift to cleaner vehicles. 

  • help local authorities visually identify ZEVs for the purposes of locally led policies and incentives, and local communication and awareness campaigns.

  • green number plates will only be available to vehicles with zero tailpipe emissions.

  • These will be non-mandatory; opt-out; available to new and existing qualifying vehicles. This includes eligible cars, vans, taxis, motorbikes, as well as buses, coaches, HGVs.

for the full details please refer to the Governments website below


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