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MP Sir Philip Davies has revived the idea that pedalcycles should display number plates. Whilst we don’t see the renewed call gaining much support politically, recent pedestrian safety concerns may force the government to take action against dangerous cycling behaviour. The Minister of State at the Department for Transport rejected the idea in parliament just last year but this idea still seems to rumble on.

Back in 2022, former transport minister Grant Shapps seemed to briefly support the idea of plates for bikes, but then his position appeard to change when he said, “I’m not attracted to the bureaucracy of registration plates. That would go too far.” However, whoever wins the upcoming general election may decide to force a change in current policies.

Sir Philip Davies, Tory MP for Shipley in West Yorkshire, recently wrote to Mark Harper, Secretary of State for Transport raising concerns about cycle-linked antisocial behaviour in his constituency and expressing the opinion that number plates would make it easier to identify those involved.

Sir Philip said,”If cyclists were forced to have a registration plate it would mean they were identifiable and could resolve the problem as those who chose to cycle in an irresponsible manner would know there would be consequences.”